Giving an Old Chair a New Life

The first thing you need for selling antiques online is a comfortable chair. That, and some boxes, a few rolls of packing tape, and enough spare time to polish up those vintage finds to make everything presentable.

 A friend of Sideshow Antiques spotted a free industrial desk and chair combo on the side of the road a few months back, and we jumped at the chance to finish off our new office space. A couple hours later and we unloaded our new office furniture to start the process of cleaning up.

Vintage Chair Restoration

Aside from some old tape and a lot of dust, the desk was in pretty good shape, but the chair on the other hand was sporting some classy homemade upholstery work that seemed questionable at best. While we hoped the crusty green fabric would reveal a well-preserved original upholstery job, it turned out to be covering a few gouges and cracks from years of use at a local hospital.

Luckily we are in a mixed-use office building, and the lady next door knows a thing or two about furniture upholstery. Since we had recently acquired a small roll of upholstery-grade vinyl and she had just unpacked her upholstery machines, we were able to give this well-worn chair a new life.