10th Anniversary Special Edition Happy Holidays Barbie 1997


Introducing the 1995 Special Edition Happy Holidays Barbie – a timeless celebration of festive elegance and collector’s joy! This iconic Barbie doll is a splendid embodiment of holiday magic, capturing the spirit of the season with grace and style.

With her radiant smile and elegant charm, Happy Holidays Barbie 1995 is more than a collector’s item – she’s a cherished tradition. Whether displayed as a centerpiece in your holiday decor or added to your Barbie collection, this doll is a nostalgic trip back to the magic of yesteryears.

Capture the enchantment of the season with the 1995 Special Edition Happy Holidays Barbie. Embrace the joy of giving or treat yourself to a piece of holiday nostalgia that will bring smiles and warmth for years to come.

Vintage 10th Anniversary special edition Happy Holidays Barbie. Hallmark & Mattel collector doll 1997 release, new in box.

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