Corona 3 Folding Portable Typewriter with Case (1919) Working Condition


Designed for those who appreciate the tactile experience of writing, the Corona 3 combines classic charm with modern convenience. Its compact and foldable design allows you to take the world of typing wherever you go. Whether you’re working on-the-go, capturing your thoughts in a cozy corner, or simply enjoying the nostalgia of typewritten notes, the Corona 3 is your trusty companion.

Crafted with precision, this typewriter boasts a smooth key action that effortlessly translates your ideas onto paper. The timeless click-clack of the keys is a symphony for wordsmiths seeking inspiration. With its sturdy build and reliable mechanics, the Corona 3 is a durable piece of history that can still bring your words to life.

Whether you’re a collector of vintage technology or an enthusiast of classic craftsmanship, the Corona 3 Folding Portable Typewriter is a treasure that bridges the gap between past and present. Own a piece of typewriter history and rediscover the art of writing with this timeless gem.

Clean and in working condition with new ribbon (black only). The letter T has a crack running through the face and the case has been repaired but still functions. PDF manual available upon request. Sample text says 1923 but serial number 256607 dates this machine to 1919.

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