Earring Magic Ken Barbie Doll in Original Box


Introducing the vintage Earring Magic Ken Barbie Doll – a collectible treasure that epitomizes 1990s pop culture glam! This iconic Ken doll exudes style with his trendsetting fashion, complete with a radical earring magic feature.

Decked out in a hip ensemble, this Ken doll makes a bold statement with his magnetic earrings. Watch as the magnetic charm effortlessly attaches to Ken’s ears, adding an extra touch of flair to his already stylish look. Whether you’re a Barbie collector, a fan of retro fashion, or simply seeking a unique piece of nostalgia, the Earring Magic Ken Barbie is a must-have addition to your collection.

Relive the spirit of the ’90s with this vintage gem that showcases the era’s bold fashion choices and cultural trends. From his meticulously styled hair to his vibrant outfit, this Ken doll is a snapshot of a vibrant and exciting period in toy history.

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