Stolen Idols by E. Phillips Oppenheim Hardcover Book (1925)


This hardcover copy of Stolen Idols by E. Phillips Oppenheim is a first edition printed in 1925. Solid binding with minor scuffs on cover, small stain on back and number 80 written on spine. Inside cover has names of previous owners, and the first ten pages are loose, otherwise no tears or folds and pages are in good condition throughout.

“Stolen Idols” is a novel by E. Phillips Oppenheim that follows the story of a wealthy American art collector named John Minute, who hires a private investigator, Julius Ricardo, to help recover a collection of stolen idols that he had acquired. Minute is convinced that his ex-wife is behind the theft and wants to retrieve the idols before they are sold to a wealthy collector. Ricardo sets out to solve the case, which takes him on a dangerous journey across Europe, where he encounters a series of mysterious characters and unexpected twists.

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